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Grape seed oil 250 ml

Grape seed oil 250 ml
  • Grape seed oil 250 ml
  • Grape seed oil 250 ml

As its name suggests, grape seed oil is made of the seeds of sun-ripened grapes. Cold pressed grape seed oil is a dark green liquid, with a characteristic flavour similar to that of processed grapes. It keeps its flavour even at a temperature above 200°C as its smoke point is around 250°C.

This oil is easily digestible and cholesterol-free. It protects the vascular system against sclerosis, strengthens blood vessel and capillary walls, reducing the danger of thrombosis. It has a strong antioxidant effect.

Based on experiences, as a bactericide it can reduce irritation as well as improve skin and hair regeneration.

Grape seed oil is more valuable than other kinds of vegetable oils due to its beneficial physiological characteristics.

  • Weight
    500 g/db