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Sunflower oil 1000 ml PET

Sunflower oil 1000 ml PET
  • Sunflower oil 1000 ml PET

It has a yellow color and a smell of roasted sunflower seeds. One of the best-known and most used oils in Hungary, in a cold pressed form. The bright yellow plants nodding at the sun on the fields are the absolute summer favourites. In folk medicine, sunflower seed is also used for treating persistent sores and dry, scaly skin. Has many positive physiological effects. Due to its vitamin E content, it has a benefitial effect on strengthening the cell walls and preserving a healthy skin, healthy nerves, muscles, red blood cells and a healty heart function.
It can be used for frying and cooking as well, but at a lower temperature and for a shorter time only.
Ideal for traditional Hungarian dishes, salads, cold dishes or for a mayonnaise with a characteristic taste.

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    1 kg/pc