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Sesame seed oil 250 ml

Sesame seed oil 250 ml
  • Sesame seed oil 250 ml
  • Sesame seed oil 250 ml

It has a light yellow shade and the characteristic scent of sesame. Can reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol level in the blood and the liver. Due to its high lecithin content, the sesame seed oil is benefitial for the nervous system as well as for protecting skin health. As the most important ingredient in the oriental cuisine,  it can also be used for baking and cooking.

When combined with poppy seed flour and oil, it can help preventing osteoporosis

This oil is an important ingredient of Eastern dishes and gives a special taste to any meal. It has a high smoke point so it can be used when frying in a wok or on a grill plate.

Sesame seed oil goes well with coriander, mushrooms and spicy dishes.