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Poppy seed oil 750 ml

Poppy seed oil 750 ml
  • Poppy seed oil 750 ml
  • Poppy seed oil 750 ml

A gold-coloured oil with a pleasant taste and the scent of roasted poppy seeds. Rich in omega-6 fatty acid which has a positive effect on the blood circulation and the immune system.
When used regularly, it enhances mental performance and lowers blood pressure. Combined with poppy seed flour, it can help prevent osteoporosis. Ideal for salads and dressings combined with lemon or pomegranates. Poppy seed oil can also be used for sweets or fruit soups as a garnish or in cake creams. Feel free to combine with red-colored berries, green salads or cheese.
The morphine content of the incoming ingredient is tested by laboratory analysis in every case.
Do not use it for frying or cooking, as this oil should not be heated.