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Walnut oil 40 ml

Walnut oil 40 ml
  • Walnut oil 40 ml

Walnut oil is not only tasty and healty but also has a skin nourishing effect. It is especially good for the dry and cracked skin. Its antiseptic and fungicidal effects are also widely known. The regular use of walnut oil can reduce high cholesterol level. It stimulates brain activity so it can be benefitial for children with impaired concentration as well. Has also a skin nourishing effect.
Due to its high iodine content, walnut oil can help prevent thyroid disfunctions. It contains linoleic acid that strengthens the immune system. Walnut oil can be used in salads (apple, pear, blue cheese, camambert, celery), cakes, fruit soups as well as mixed in a plain or fruit yogurt. It is ideal for having a glass of wine with friends. You can use it for flavouring your meals afterwards as well.