Mustard sauce with rosehip 200 g

Mustard sauce with rosehip 200 g

Grapoila mustard sauces contain 100% natural ingredients, the raw material of it is the valuable seed oil mud produced during the production of mustard seed oil. It is the essence of cold-pressed mustard seed oil, practically extracted from mustard seeds by a mechanical process, without heating, full of fibers, unsaturated fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals. 

The natural ingredients of mustard seeds increase appetite, digestive juices production, aid digestion, lower blood sugar, maintain blood vessels and natural medicine attribute many more positive physiological effects to this world-famous and popular spice and herb.

From the basic mustard, which contains valuable nutrients, we have created several types of gourmet mustard sauce with natural ingredients such as quince, rosehip, walnuts, honey or apricots. Each is a separate world that you must taste! Our gourmet mustard sauces can be used in a variety of ways, in contrast to the well-known, acidic / sour mustards, in addition to very delicious meats, sausages and vegetables, but mixed with sauces, meat dishes and garnishes, they give our usual dishes a new taste.

The special taste of the mustard sauce with rosehip can be best accomplished in vegetable noodles, Asian cuisine and sweet and sour sauce. It goes well with meats and potatoes.

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