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Walnut flour 500 g

Walnut flour 500 g
  • Walnut flour 500 g
  • Walnut flour 500 g

High energy and protein content. Contains minerals that are important for the body: zinc, phosphor, potassium, iodine and sulphur. Can be used for confectionery, e.g. honey cakes, breads and scones. Amino-acids in nutmeat are essential for the human body. A study has shown that walnuts can prevent prostate cancer. It reduces high cholesterol level and increases insulin sensitivity which reduces the risk of diabetes.

Walnut flour can be used for confectionary as well. It is a great ingredient for cakes/pastries or breads and brings back the taste of traditional, old-fashioned whole-grain breads. You can also use it in pancakes and fish (especially salmon) dishes.

  • Weight
    500 g/pc