Hazelnut Oil - in different size variants

Hazelnut Oil - in different size variants

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This oil is a premier source of natural fatty acids. Just like the other oils we offer, our hazelnut oil is pressed without roasting. This way, all the natural taste and valuable components are preserved. You can fry it  at higher temperatures and its taste matches well with cakes. It is perfect as a salad oil but we also recommend it for seasoning cheese and meat.

Because it is rich in vitamin E and beneficent fatty acids, it can be applied topically as a skin-care product.
Hazelnut oil is called a “dry oil“ because, due to its flavonoid content, it cleanses and balances oily, wide -pore skins. 

It also has a positive effect on scars, small wrinkles, and  skin with excess pigmentation caused by sun exposure. 

The Grapoila Hazelnut Oil has won the 2-star award at the Great Taste in 2020 (The Great Taste Award is the most famous food tasting contest in the world based on blind testing). This oil has been chosen also for the recipe of The Cake of The Year in Hungary in 2020.

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