Grapeseed Oil - in different size variants

Grapeseed Oil - in different size variants

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As its name suggests, grapeseed oil is made of the seeds of sun-ripened grapes. Cold-pressed grapeseed oil is a dark green liquid, with a characteristic flavor similar to that of processed grapes. It keeps its flavor even at a temperature above 200°C as its smoke point is around 220°C.

This oil is easily digestible and cholesterol-free. It can help to protect the vascular system against sclerosis, and to strengthen blood vessels and capillary walls, reducing the danger of thrombosis. It has a strong antioxidant effect. Based on experiences, as a bactericide, it can reduce irritation as well as improve skin and hair regeneration.

Grapoila Grapeseed Oil has won a two-star award at the 2020 Great Taste awards, which is the most famous food tasting contest in the world based on blind testing.

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