Paprika Seed Oil ORGANIC 250 ml

Paprika Seed Oil ORGANIC 250 ml
The red paprika seed oil contains more than 50% of unsaturated fatty acids, out of which the polyunsaturated Omega-6 fatty acid and the monounsaturated oleic acid should be highlighted.
As for the fatty acids, it has a high linoleic acid content. It is rich in vitamin C, stimulates digestion. When applied externally (rubbed into the skin) it can have a beneficial effect on rheumatism. Due to its capsaicin content it stimulates blood circulation, increases metabolism, accelerates digestion and the energy use in fat cells, can therefore play an important role in weight loss. It also has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and gastrointestinal protective effects.
The alpha-tocopherol in the oil suppresses the free radical production in the cells while the gamma-tocopherol destroys the already existing free radicals.
Paprika seed oil is a special oil with a pleasant taste and aroma. It is mainly recommended as a salad oil but you can always use it when you are looking for some extra taste or the color of paprika. It is also great for seasoning meat, fish and sandwiches.

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