FROT Collection package 6 x 50 ml

FROT Collection package 6 x 50 ml
Why choose between flavours? In this multipack, you will find 2 of each of all three flavors, so that you could find the flavor harmonies that your heart desires.

The individual FROT variants (#1, #2, #3) were developed in such a way that the ingredients create a harmonizing, pleasant-tasting mixture, while at the same time supporting the different functional areas of the body. From our catalog of pressed products, we have chosen 5 oils with exceptional properties to accompany the fruits: sea buckthorn seed oil, peach seed oil, black cumin seed oil, pumpkin seed oil and hemp seed oil, as they have a significant antioxidant capacity, as well as anti-inflammatory and immune system supporting effects.

As with all the other Grapoila products, we do not use any additives (flavouring, preservatives, dyes, sweeteners) during production, and we do not enrich our FROTs with extra vitamins afterwards.


FROT#1: apricot puree, white grape juice, apple juice, sea buckthorn marrow, sea buckthorn seed oil, apricot seed oil, golden linseed flour.

FROT#2: rosehip marrow, red grape juice, cranberry juice, apple juice, pumpkin seed oil, hemp seed oil, golden flaxseed flour.

FROT#3: apple puree, beetroot juice, carrot juice, apple juice, cold-pressed black cumin seed oil, golden flaxseed flour.
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