Rosehip Seed Oil - in different size variants

Rosehip Seed Oil - in different size variants

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Rosehips are well known for being widely used in traditional herbal medicine. The oil made from rosehip seeds is rich in essential oils (Omega-3 and Omega-6), has a light red color, and a fruity yet mild taste.

This oil nourishes the skin and restores its moisture balance. It provides intensive care for UV-damaged, dry, and burned skin.

In the pharmaceutical industry, rosehip seed oil is used as an ingredient in vitamin supplements, while the cosmetic industry uses it for the production of natural cosmetics (e.g. anti-aging creams). Due to its natural vitamin A content it helps slow down the skin’s aging process, helps the natural production of collagen and elastin, and helps the regeneration process of cells.

Can be used internally or topically on skin. Vitamin E content of rosehip oil is exceptionally high, even compared to other cold-pressed oils. For skin care and massage, mix it with lighter base oils or seed muds.

Rosehip seed oil with its uniqe fruity taste is perfect for flavouring salads and cold dishes, and - due to its beautiful deep red colour – to decorate meals. Avoid heating it!

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