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Milk thistle seed oil 1000 ml PET

Milk thistle seed oil 1000 ml PET
  • Milk thistle seed oil 1000 ml PET

Milk thistle seeds have been known for hundreds of years as the most effective herb for liver cleansing. Its hepatoprotective and liver cleansing effect is well-known. When consumed regularly, it can decrease the negative effects of harmful substances in the liver by cleansing and helping its regeneration.
Milk thistle seed contains an active substance called silymarin. This water-insoluble compound is recommended for the treatment of acut and chronic liver inflammation, fibrosis, cirrhosis, fatty liver and duodenal ulcer. It can be useful in case of light digestive or gall bladder problems as well.

Consume it on a daily basis, even on its own. The recommended daily dose for people with a body weight of less then 80 kg is a coffee spoon, over 80 kg a teaspoon. You can make a delicious dip by mixing it with some chopped sage but it tastes also great with a silky, soft-tasting mayonnaise or with mustard as a light salad dressing.